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It is not a good idea, I have been told, to present a whole lot of illustration styles all together in one place. It can confuse and dismay. Someone who might be inclined to use your work, given a couple of approaches to choose from, may not be able to tell the wood from the trees. This is sound and sage advice.


In forty years illustrating, I have been obliged to work in a whole lot of different ways. I like the work to fit the brief. I like to do different types of work. I like my eggs distributed around various baskets because I am fallible, and if they were all in the one basket I'd probably sit on it.

So, since this is my website, and since I am a megalomaniac who wants to display a good chunk of his work, however varied it might be, that's what I'm going to do. I really, really don't want to bore or alienate you, though, so please just pass over the stuff that doesn't interest you. Fair enough?

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